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Friday, April 10, 2009

YOU TUBE DISCOVERIES :: Computer Music - composed and improvised

A short clip of a composition called "The Deep" written by Kasper T. Toeplitz and performed by his computer trio Kernel. Kernel's main objective is to perform all new compositions for electronic music, utilizing the computer as a "real" instrument - meaning no sequences, sound-files or samples. These compositions are realized using Max/MSP patches designed by the musicians specifically for the work at large.

Next we find Farmers Manual, who have been one of my favorite computer acts since the release of the their epic album "Explorers_We" on OR. Another impressive example of musicians creating their own sound through various programming languages. Unlike the group above, Farmers Manual live concerts were all improvised. Here we find these three young Austrians performing at the turn of the century at the ICA in London. Their interactions with each other at the end of part two is quite amusing.

this concert plus many more are archived for free download on the Recent Live Archive section of their website. Check it out and enjoy!

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