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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Gert-Jan Prins and Synchronator

We've been checking out some recent work from radio feedback and occasional tympani player Gert-Jan Prins. His duo Synchronator works with audio-video processing (and even sells their own namesake device!). Great, noisy stuff. Listen at his myspace page.

And for French speakers, this seems interesting:

EDIT - Ian has kindly posted a translation in the comments.

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  • For the English readers out there, here is a translation...

    "originally, I started out as a percussionist. but at some point I kind of needed other means to make sound. I like the sound of radio-noise a lot. developing this system i try to always make better sounds every time as well as possibilities to control.
    i use 4 boxes like this in the big installation,
    each with their own separate character.
    they're small combinations of small emitters
    who emit a small signal, which is received by small
    receivers here and here.
    and the signal goes to an out, and the out goes to the mixing board,
    and with the mixing board i can control the sound.
    let's say that.. with a somewhat more normal musical instrument,
    you have to do something;
    playing guitar, you have to do, cause something,
    to have something, to make a sound.
    and with this box, this machine, this instrument,
    it already does something,
    but you have to control it, you have to put it in a direction.
    in concert, in a composition, what I do is,
    I do something with the material
    I have at a certain moment,
    that comes from the machine at a certain moment;
    there is something analogous, a synergy
    between the idea of composition and
    the indirect composition of architecture,
    the composition of machines.
    it goes hand in hand, a bit;
    same principle for the sound, but now for the tv screen.
    it's a feedback video, live feedback tv.
    i can intervene with the sound.
    what i say about control,
    there's an instable element as well (maybe).
    why? because there are radios in there
    and temperature elements.
    it's a kind of stability with a very small element of instability.
    that can perhaps give a bit of a mystical component
    or a "trance" component.

    from time to time i also lose something, but what i lose i find back later, sometimes in a better form."

    By Blogger IMF, At November 27, 2009 at 1:11 PM  

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