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Monday, June 28, 2010

Web Radio: Experimental Music from Spain + more

Roc Jiménez de Cisneros (EVOL) curates "AVANT" on Radio Web Macba in part of their "Research" series. Reseach is "a line of broadcast programmes that aim to provide up-close views of scenes and key persons in the world of contemporary art". Roc's "AVANT" is the first of this series focusing on experimental music from Spain. In his own words:

From the most academic electoacoustics to industrial music, from radiophonic art to post-no-wave improvisation, AVANT retraces some of the key moments of the Spain's musical avant-garde, scarcely documented until now. Each AVANT focuses on the work and career of a group project from the scene, documented and composed of two parts: the first part reconstructs the artist's context through interviews, and the second part retraces the artist's work with musical examples.

Scarcely documented indeed! Here at the PSF office the only name I could immediately recognize was Francisco Lopez so needless to say I'm very excited about checking out the rest. Check it out for yourself here.

RWM also has a great downloadable essay (also by Roc Jiménez de Cisneros) on Japanese CD/MP3 manipulator Yasunao Tone. This essay is also accompanied by a collaborated audio piece from Tone and FM radio pioneer Tetsuo Kogawa, which appeared on an earlier radio series called "Lines of Sight".

This site looks rather promising, so I'll make sure to keep everyone updated on anything else I find here in the future.

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  • I would also recommend the Jon Leidecker series VARIATIONS at Ràdio Web MACBA on the History of Sampling. They are truly interesting and extremely well-documented. You can find them here:

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At August 6, 2010 at 8:42 AM  

  • Really good, thanks

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At August 6, 2010 at 8:44 AM  

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