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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Gert-Jan Prins and Synchronator

We've been checking out some recent work from radio feedback and occasional tympani player Gert-Jan Prins. His duo Synchronator works with audio-video processing (and even sells their own namesake device!). Great, noisy stuff. Listen at his myspace page.

And for French speakers, this seems interesting:

EDIT - Ian has kindly posted a translation in the comments.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

MIMEO live in Poland 14.11.2009.


Thomas Lehn
Keith Rowe
Phil Durrant
Gert-Jan Prins
Christian Fennesz
Cor Fuhler
Kaffe Matthews
Peter Rehberg
Marcus Schmickler
Rafael Toral

Live in Poland November 14, 2009.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Resources page update

Over at the resources page, we'd added a bunch of new online places for more free listening:

Live Constructions Archive, WKRC 89.9 FM NY - Although no longer updated, plenty of great sets from eRikm, Francisco Lopez, Gen Ken Montgomery, Phil Niblock, Zbigniew Karkowski, Yasunao Tone, John Duncan, Steve Roden, Mountains and more.

Free Music Archive - Curated by WFMU, WEXP, Issue Project Room, Dub Lab, etc. Tons of stuff all over the map.

Abient Editions - Joda Clement's's very slowly growing archive of live improvised sets from Toronto.

Calculations - Jason Brogan's series for contemporary composition.

Wandelweiser Radio (direct link to audio stream - you may need to install the VLC player) - streaming web radio for this composer collective working largely with space and silence. Playlist is here.

Check it here.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Sons of God on the radio

A few days before their Philly show, Sons of God performed live on the fantastic Boston radio show (and website - well worth checking out for sundry reviews and interviews) Rare Frequency.

The Sons of God, relying heavily on performance and visual images when they perform live, necessarily had to do something a bit different, and what we get is burbling, windy ambience; low drones; and echo-y spoken text. Listen here.

Robin Hayward Interview

I've just read an interesting interview with the British tuba player Robin Hayward (resident in Berlin since 1998). Unfortunately, it's in a rather cumbersome format: you have to click on each page to read as a separate jpeg. Still, worth the nine clicks. Hayward discusses his relationship to the tuba, his move to Berlin, some of his regular groups, his compositions, and the development of his approach to improvisation. Good stuff. It's the first article here.

There's also a separate website with some video from Hayward and audio of Annette Krebs [UPDATE: these are both in, uh, German. Still, some tuba technique is demonstrated]. Here's the somewhat-clunky-but-not-too-bad google translated page. I assume "Krebs" must mean "cancer" in German?

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Nmperign interview

Over at Foxy Digitalis, Howard Martin interviews our old pals Nmperign, occasioned by the release of their new disc, the first to be recorded in a studio by the duo.

RIP Maryanne Amacher

The highly-regarded, if under-documented, sound artist Maryanne Amacher has passed away, at age 71. The NYT graced her with several hundred words. Amacher was known for intensely physical work that utilized psycho-acoustic phenomena and high volume. Sundry memories have popped up around the internet: from Bill Brovold, Seth Nehil, Kyle Gann (with a lengthy comment from archivist and friend Micah Silver), and sundry more.

The Wire magazine has published online an article from 1999. New Music Box spoke to Amacher in 2004. And here's a series of videos of Amacher and Thurston Moore.


Henri Chopin at age 83

just rockin' out:

(from ubuweb)

more chopin on ubu: sound, film, papers, and text.

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